The Pinnacle of Cynicism

Prison consultants help inmates get good digs – Yahoo! News |  Other Sources

Had these dumb bastards had a morals and ethics consultant, then perhaps they would have no need for a prison consultant now.

No matter how sensational and overblown this story might be, the slightest hint of its veracity sickens one to the stomach.


No Rest for (the Wife of) the Wicked

Trustee sues Madoff’s wife over ‘life of splendor’ – Yahoo! Finance

I said as much a while back, and it seems as if one of the trustees of Madoff’s victims seems to agree.


In the Shadow of the Moon

In the Shadow of the Moon is a great movie. Perhaps it was perceived as an epitaph to the nation’s greatest achievement when it was released, but a propos of the recent news of the imminent launch of the lunar explorer and the recent passing of the 40th anniversary of the lunar landing, it is a superb way of remembering how great we once were so that we could achieve such greatness again.

These men are old. It is only proper that we record and remember their remarkable and extraordinarily positive journeys as we do the experiences of Holocaust survivors.

Maybe everyone will also begin to remember what remarkable goals we achieve when we entrust power to great people with extraordinary capabilities.

And, these pioneering astronauts were extraordinary people. Amazing people.

The end of another era is upon us, indeed.


Time to End Corporate Cell Phone Monopolies

Apple Stuck Apologizing For AT&T Yet Again With A $30 iTunes Credit

Naturally, this pisses me off because it will ultimately hurt the bottom line of my Apple stock, and because it means that I will be stuck with the same lousy AT&T service for some time.

The local phone company has no authority to dictate which phones I can and cannot use. Wireless communication companies should not have this authority, either.

Cruising in a Houseboat

Amsterdam Tests Residential 1Gbps Fiber – While city muni-fiber operation delivers fiber to the house boat… –

On some level, it’s infuriating to know that houseboats in Amsterdam get better internet bandwidth than the most luxurious penthouse in Manhattan or San Francisco.

Effects of Smog on Pregnancy

L.A. Traffic Causing Premature Births: Study: Discovery News.

The number of studies linking the poor air quality to pulmonary problems and generally poor health are numerous. Now, a new study shows that smog adversely affects pregnancies. Yet, somehow, one cannot believe that this will effect any more action in a populace long since drowned in utter apathy.


Baghdad North?

Belfast Catholics riot over Protestant parade – Yahoo! News

The constant fighting between Catholics and Protestants in Belfast is far too reminiscent of the Shi’a-Suni battles of Baghdad than of any rivalry in northern Europe. Maybe Belfast should be called Baghdad North.

More links here.


Iranian Irony

Thousands protest in Iran, defying crackdown vow –

Ahead of the protests, Tehran’s governor Morteza Tamaddon accused “foreign counterrevolutionary networks” of plotting new marches. “If some individuals plan to carry out any anti-security actions by listening to (protest) calls … they will be smashed under the feet of our aware people,” he said late Wednesday, according to the state news agency IRNA.

Irony is forever. The fact that a man whose last name, Tamaddon, translates as “civility” or “civilization” would utter such hateful words comes as no surprise, therefore. The continued piling of such evidence on the smoldering ash heap of human history confirms this axiom of humanity.

Irony is forever.

Saddam’s WMD Story

Saddam Hussein Said WMD Talk Helped Him Look Strong to Iran –

It was what many among us had suspected all along, principally among them Harry Shearer, who said just as much in one of his Le Show broadcasts back in 2003 or 2004.

Perhaps we need more real comedians in politics, instead of boneheads who are accidentally funny. Let’s hope–nay, pray–that this reasoning is born out in Al Franken‘s election.