This is the permanent (hopefully) web presence for me, Payam Minoofar. Until the viewership of this blog increases to anything significant, it is purely a repository for my occasional ruminations, an object to receive my gripes absent an ear willing to listen.

The picture that currently graces the top of this blog was taken by me with my Nikon D5100 camera equipped with a 55-300 lens from the parking lot of my former apartment building in downtown Ventura. Pictured is arch rock at the tail end of east Anacapa Island from a distance of about 16 miles. It’s not a terribly great picture, but it’s not bad for an amateur shooting by hand. I have other images that capture the beauty of Anacapa Island better. I may yet find the time to post them above.

Click on the “Resume and Publications” tab to see my work record. Click the “IGOR Pro” tab to download my masterful introduction to programming the superb data analysis software Igor Pro from Wavemetrics, Inc. Feel free to leave a comment if you like or hate what I write.

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