Hello and welcome to the unofficial manual, Introduction to IGOR Pro Programming. This manual was developed under a grant from Wavemetrics, Inc.

The manual was written in order to facilitate the transition from being a competent IGOR Pro user to being a competent IGOR Pro programmer. Why? Because IGOR Pro is the swiss army knife of data analysis, instrument control and data visualization, and the key to unfolding this potential is programming.

So, if you wish to start programming with IGOR Pro, then download the two files that make up the manual (the manual itself and the companion experiment) below, and begin.

Please feel free to add comments below or to send me email if you find any errors or if you have any suggestions.

The collection of resources at the end may also be of use.


The Files:

The Manual: View/Download pdf version (33 pp, 460 Kb)

The Companion Experiment:

Igor_Programming_Intro.pxp (IGOR .pxp file, 544 Kb)


Wavemetrics Resources:

IGOR Pro User-created Resources:

These are links (hopefully) not cited in the above resources.

Companies using IGOR Pro

9 Replies to “IGOR Pro”

  1. Hi Jeremy,

    Thank you very much. Actually, it’s been out for quite some time now. I should probably plug it more aggressively.


  2. Hello Sir,

    What a pleasure to (re)discover the basis of igor programming in this tutorial ! You make me more comfortable with writing igor function, and I’m waiting for the next episode 😉 ! Thank you for all !!!

    Sincerely yours


  3. Hello Sir:
    There is a bug in your example, on page 24 of 33, Introduction_to_Igor_programming.pdf.

    The line says:
    ExtractedRow[p] = theMatrix[i][p]

    It should say
    ExtractedRow = theMatrix[i][p]

    ExtractedRow[0,(numpnts(extractedRow)-1)] = theMatrix[i][p]

    Harald Herchen, Ph.D.

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