He Died Like a Celebrity

DJ AM died from lethal mix of prescription drugs and cocaine – LA Daily News.

I love house music. Everyone knows this. But I have no idea who DJ AM was. I am shocked, however, that such a lethal combination of recreational and prescription drugs did not kill him sooner.

The toxicology report showed the 36-year-old Adam Goldstein had the following drugs in his system: cocaine, OxyContin, Hydrocodone or Vicodin, antianxiety drugs Xanax and Ativan, Klonopin which also controls anger, Benadryl, and Levamisole, a drug apparently used to cut cocaine.

“Celebrity DJ” is itself a strange title. Perhaps with this final act, Goldstein proves that he ranks up there with Belushi and others.


Why Microsoft Sucks

Nothing can possibly explain Microsoft’s total ineptitude in the consumer electronics market than the composition of its board. The only real techie is Bill Gates, who never really understood consumer electronics. Reed Hastings understands the efficiencies to be gained from digital delivery of movies, but nobody on this board knows has the background that would lend itself to understanding software design, device architecture, or user experience. Virtually everyone on this board has a business training, and that probably explains why nobody can see beyond Microsoft’s traditional business model of leveraging its monopoly status solely for the purpose of exploiting its customers.

With his departure, the Redmond computer giant (NASDAQ: MSFT) will have nine members: Bill Gates, chairman of Microsoft; Steve Ballmer, CEO; Dina Dublon, former CFO of JPMorgan Chase; Raymond Gilmartin, former chairman, president and chief executive officer of Merck & Co. Inc.; Reed Hastings, founder, chairman and CEO of Netflix Inc.; Maria Klawe, president, Harvey Mudd College; David Marquardt, general partner at August Capital; Charles Noski, former vice chairman of AT&T Corp.; and Helmut Panke, former chairman of the board of management at BMW AG

via Cash leaving Microsoft board – Puget Sound Business Journal (Seattle)