David Frum Redefines then Embodies the Self-Hating Jew

“Self-hating Jew” has been the epithet of choice for self-identifying “conservative” American Jews to hurl at any Jew who dares to mention or to defend human rights in Israeli occupied territories because, the perverse argument goes, these Jews care more about the minorities in these territories than the Israeli populace. This is, of course, the classic ad hominem attack instigated by those who have lost the argument based on principles, and the devoted support that the same “conservative” Jews throw behind some of the most racist politicians in the US is not, therefore, surprising. The pride with which David Frum displays it on the radio and the pages of The Atlantic is, however, novel. In his pathetic attempt to debunk the validity of the 14th Amendment clause that prohibits an insurrectionist from pursuing public office, Frum states:

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Degeneracy at the New York Times

Source: Opinion | Dems, Please Don’t Drive Me Away – The New York Times

If a thinking man like David Brooks is seriously claiming that the Democrats somehow need to convince him not to vote for Trump, then he is effectively confessing that he is every bit a degenerate as Trump.

I so wish the Times had let Mr. Brooks’ career die along with the Weekly Standard, the weasely “magazine” published by cronies, for cronies whence Mr. Brooks arose like so many other primitive thinkers. Instead, the Times gave Mr. Brooks a second life, and this is how he thanks the times: by publishing a veiled defense of a degenerate president.

Thank you, New York Times. Thank you for being the beacon of enlightenment.

Dave, I speak for all Democrats when I say none of us wants you in our party. Thanks to Trump, there is a very special place–complete with Big Macs and caviar–for spineless degenerates like you.