First Post from My iPad

This is absolutely nothing short of amazing. I just downloaded the latest version of the WordPress app for the iPad, and in less time than it takes to say WordPress, I am posting the first message to my blog.

This is a lot more than a revolution. It feels more like an upheaval of biblical proportions. This device changes everything. Absolutely everything.

Typing is still a bit clunky, but it’s my first attempt, and it’s going awfully fast for a first attempt. In fact, I am tempted to say that I am typing almost as fast as I type on my normal computer keyboard.

The top pee is the fact that I just pulled this choice photo of the fabulous view from my balcony from my photo gallery–the entirety of which resides on my iPad–into the post in about one second.

The iPad changes everything. Everything!!!

Female Bisexuality: A Best Seller.

Bisexuality Not A Transitional Phase Among Women, According To New Research

The definitions of sexuality are morphing, transmogrifying and blending into a nebulous haze that seems to obscure debate for the sake of enabling the publication of such contentious theses about sexuality. There is something exceptionally irresistible about the notion that a woman’s ambiguous sexuality tends to be a lifelong trend rather than an ephemeral phase most often experienced during the “college years” in the United States. Consequently, are women compelled to believe the findings of the study by virtue of the strong evidence and argument it presents and men because we want to believe that our girlfriends and wives can still turn lesbian at the drop of a hat?

Approaching the boundaries between knowledge and faith never makes for good science, but it always makes for compelling reading.

I’m fantasizing already.