The State of American Infrastructure

I, Cringely . The Pulpit . Game Over | PBS

Robert Cringely is not a guy to be taken lightly. He has been the authoritative voice on technology issues for over a decade. He has literally written the history, and his predictions are the most reliable anywhere. It should be of concern to everyone when he declares the US’s communications infrastructure a lost cause, when compared with other industrial countries.

If you don’t believe Cringely when he says that America’s pathetic communications infrastructure is reducing business competitiveness, listen to UPS’s CEO, Michael Eskew, saying the same thing.

And, if you still have any doubts about how poor America’s infrastructure has become, listen to this fantastic nugget to find out how pathetic our infrastructure spending is, and which party keeps infrastructure spending so pathetic.

And, if these facts do not impress upon you the horrendous toll that the Iraq military campaign has exacted on the American economy, consult a psychiatrist or revisit elementary math.

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