Good Eats | E. Coli Tainted Meat Recall is Expanded 

Update: Topps goes out of business

Many frozen beef products produced by the Topps Meat Company of New Jersey have been discovered by regulators to be tainted with a nasty strain of e. coli. The products that are being recalled are identified as such:

The recall, by the Topps Meat Company of Elizabeth, N.J., covers a wide range of frozen hamburger patties and other products manufactured over the last year and bearing a “sell by” date or “best used by” date between last Tuesday and Sept. 25, 2008, along with the United States Department of Agriculture designation EST 9748.

The big question is why the hell would anyone eat shit that does not expire until 2008? As always, what is shocking about the United States is not what is illegal to do. What is legal to do is what is shocking. It is frightening what is allowed to enter the food supply.

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