Degrees of Depravity

BBC NEWS | UK | Mosley denies ‘Nazi-themed orgy’

Life imitating art. In this instance Max Mosley, head of Formula One Racing, got himself into some hot water for what he did with five prostitutes. His situation imitates a sick joke by the legendary blue comedian, Robert Schimmel. (His Wikipedia entry.) The joke goes something like this:

A guy was tried for animal necrophilia. What’s the guy’s excuse going to be in court? “Sorry your honor. I could have sword the cat was alive when I started fucking it.”

Now, Mosley has to resort to a similarly pathetic excuse like “Aryan doesn’t mean Nazi“. Apparently, Mr. Mosley feels no need to apologize for sleeping with five prostitutes simultaneously, but that he may have partook in an orgy that might be potentially misconstrued as racist or anti-semitic is cause for apology and legal action. The depravity of sleeping with five prostitutes is apparently better than the depravity of pretending to be Aryan or Nazi in bed.

That’s ok, Max. We all know that the British are far better than the Nazis and the Aryans. Especially the rich Brits. Your orgies are far cleaner than the Nazi orgies that the Allies finally quashed in 1945.


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  1. Shon,

    You’re going WAY beyond what the data mean. I only read one line in Harper’s about how the German study noted that men who participate in those activities are evaluated as more “normal” than men who do not. This is neither a reflection of the German people or Americans. It might be a fault in the test itself.

    Whatever perversions may have besotted the Germans in the past, they are not the ones fighting bogus wars around the world anymore.

    Again, the hilarious point here is that Mosley is trying to say that the Aryan aspect of the proceedings should not be confused with Nazi. He is so distressed over this that he is arguing it in court.

  2. A GERMAN study? Hmmm… Well I guess Germans would regard bondage and extreme discipline as normal, like the US understands the Master / Slave aspect of BDSM. Both countries have a great deal of understanding in Dominance and Submission, I suppose. So inflicting pain, humiliation, torture, suffering and excessive violence on another person is “More Normal” than I assume the majority of the world who does not engage in that type of unusual gratification? What and whom are they using to calibrate these tests? The German psychiatrist Richard von Krafft-Ebing introduced Sadism and Masochism as an “abnormal mental illness“i.e. psychological illness in the 1800‘s.

    So…. Now it’s not? Marquise de Sade and Leopold von Sacher-Masoch who this word is named after said: sadism and masochism can include fantasies, sexual urges or behavior that cause significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning, to the point that they can be considered part of a mental disorder. I think Mr. Mosely getting caught with 5 hookers and being the laughing stock of the world is pretty socially and occupationally disrupting. This would not be funny if it was relating to a drug or alcohol addiction. But because he is wealthy and incredibly narcissistic it’s not deviant behavior in his eyes, it‘s recreation, he’s truely clueless. And although he wants to distance himself from his antecedents I believe he is acting out what he has seen and heard as a young boy since age 6. Oh I have no doubt he was Nazi role playing.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not uptight or afraid of anomalous sexual practices. Many Americans and Europeans are pretty uninhibited and pride in our sexual freedom.
    But beating mercilessly your sexual partner until their bleeding, whimpering and wreathing in pain is crazy and sick. There is nothing erotic about that to a Normal person despite what the modern German psychologists say.

    Some people will consent to anything for money, if he was a man with any kind of human emotion he wouldn’t take it farther than that other person could handle.

  3. For what it’s worth, there was a blurb in Harper’s recently that a German study concluded that men who participated in sadomasochism test as “more normal” on psychological tests than men who do not practice S & M.

    What I find hilarious in Mosley’s saga is that he is quite proud of his lifestyle. He just doesn’t want the white supremacist, or Aryan, theme of his shenanigans to be called Nazi, as if one characterization is less depraved than the other.

  4. Wow.. this was news to me so I followed your BBC News link to find out more about this story.
    I am just amazed at the dept to which people will sink now days. Every day we’re confronted with a new low. I‘m old enough to remember when a person‘s character and name was everything. To be regarded and esteemed because of the life that you had lived used to be very important to our leaders and those in a positions of authority. Now, no one wants to be held responsible for anything that they do. Mr. Mosley and his barrister kept referring to the fact that his personal life doesn’t affect his ability to run FIA as the company president. I would beg to differ , like me I think that people are tired of corrupt leadership, from careless government officials and embezzling CEO to church leaders getting caught using drugs and engaging in prostitution and other activities that they preach against and condemn.
    I hope Mr. Mosley comes to a place of conscience and shame while he is arguing in the high court. He should not have a response or retort for what he has done. Prostitution is illegal, immoral and harmful to the family members of their Johns who he is. I don’t know what the UK’s stance on prostitution is but I feel he should have been arrested. But he’s so pompous and arrogant about the whole thing, he should be humbled and apologetic. His wife has to have known about this behavior for years since he’s self described sadomasochistic. I really feel sorry for her, on this issue I hope she is not standing by her man.
    Where do these kind of men find women that will Live with adultery and all types of disrespect in their marriage? It’s funny I guess if a man could script a perfect woman for themselves, I fear this would be the kind of woman they would code and produce. Great piece Payam. Keep it Coming!! Peace and Blessings

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