Republican Party Unravels

United States Supreme Court Decision Vacates Temporary Restraining Order in Ohio

In a shocking display of business as usual, the United States Supreme Court vacated an absurd restraining order that the Ohio Republican Party had managed to obtain in order to disenfranchise likely Democratic voters. 

Should the above link fail to open the beautifully formatted (looks like Latex!) pdf file, download the terse decision from the local copy on my server.

One wonders if the gang of thugs masquerading as a political party will be chastened in the least by this decision. It is quite clear that the party is not willing to compete on any platform based upon ideas, morals, decency or ingenuity. It is clear that the GOP sees this as some sort of war, and it is willing to fight as dirty a fight as possible. After all, if the Republican Party had any claim at all to morality and decency, it would be bringing such lawsuits in California, Texas, Arizona, Florida and New Mexico where it is far more likely to be voter fraud than in Ohio. 

Mercifully, even the Supreme Court has lost its patience with the Grand Old Party. Or, with the gang of unrepentant reprobates that have seized control of this once useful and progressive party. 

Sadly, it is highly doubtful that the Republican Party will learn to compete on the merits of its ideas now that it has been utterly defeated. It will continue to resort to cheap tricks, skulduggery, baseless lawsuits and senseless propaganda because thirty years of ideological pruning have left the Republican party devoid of any high-ranking members endowed with intelligence, scruples, charisma or even literacy, if George W Bush is ever to be considered a Republican. 

Who knows? After its undoing at the hands of a select group of utterly incompetent cronies, the GOP may well become a party of ideas again. We shall have to wait and see how long the great purge will take. Certainly, the Supreme Court dramatically hastened the demise of the neoconservative grip on the Republican Party, and real conservatives would have rejoiced had the destruction of their beloved party not left them feeling so bereft.

And, perhaps by the time the GOP regains power, the Democrats may have managed to build yet another powerhouse economy with a Federal surplus for the GOP to destroy and to squander. 

In God we must trust. Having faith in Republicans has proven to be a grotesque error. 


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