CoViD-19 Recurrences Temper Hopes for Vaccine Efficacy

Reinfections give scientists clues about how long protection lasts—and how well vaccines might perform

It has been only one year since CoViD-19 was identified as a new, deadly disease. Despite the vast troves of information learned since, the landscape of molecular biology, epidemiology and especially physiology of this disease largely remains terra incognita: large, isolated areas of the landscape have been charted, and the research now focuses on elucidating how they articulate.

Recurrence of COVID-19 in the same patient is one such conundrum. It seems to be a case of incomplete or ephemeral immune response in some patients, and the obvious question arises as to whether immunization will provide a universally strong and persistent enough response to eradicate the disease. Irrational exuberance doesn’t permeate the stock market alone, but, alas, it does serve politicians well.

Source: More people are getting COVID-19 twice, suggesting immunity wanes quickly in some

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