Military Officers Criticize Rumsfeld. What a Surprise. – Retired military officers criticize Rumsfeld at Democratic hearing

It is good to remember the above USA Today article from September because John McCain decided to remember his military roots today. Yes, after being civil toward Donald Rumsefeld–the petty bureaucrat who singlehandedly assured failure in Iraq by micromanaging the war–for many years, McCain finally remembers that it was the micromanagement of stupid men like Rumsfeld that made a war hero of McCain, and McCain decided to unleash on Rumsfeld, finally.

It took no less than an army of political advisors to remind McCain of the need for wars to be conducted by warriors. Forget about memory enhancing pills. If you want to remember who you are, hire consultants who will remind you of who you are at the most opportune moment. Unlike McCain, the rest of us might wish to have this reminder right before intercourse. Or, right after.

McCain’s belated fury proves that his “maverick” ways are ultimately part of a political persona constructed meticulously by campaign advisors. In as much, this calculated outburst proves that the campaign consultants that run our political system are as lacking in imagination as the screen writers that churn out the tasteless Hollywood blockbuster movies.

There is, therefore, no wonder that people have become as numb to politics as they have become numb to the Hollywood blockbusters for which they can no longer shell $15 out. Like the last five Bruce Willis movies, the political plot has become bland, predictable and needlessly loud.

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