Frankentomatoes not as Good as Organic Ones

The New Scientist reports that an upcoming scientific article shows that genetically modified tomatoes are not as rich in key nutrients and supplements as organically grown tomatoes. The reason why the comparison was so late in coming was that it was difficult to control all the conditions that factor into plant cultivation: quality of soil, type of air, irrigation schedule, fertilizer type, etc., etc.

It seems as if some researchers have managed to control all these conditions in order to make a valid comparison between these two types of plants, and they have found that the organic variety have more of the dietary components (e.g., antioxidants) for which tomatoes are presently prized.

Whether this finding is followed by additional evidence that man has yet “to improve” upon nature’s original design is doubtful, but it would not be entirely surprising if thiss study were the first drop in a torrent of evidence against the wisdom of genetic modification of plants.

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