How to Reduce the Number of Abortions

Family Planning Reduces Abortion Rate | The Lancet

The most comprehensive study carried out to date demonstrates that education and easy access to contraception reduce the number of abortions. Hence, if the Bush Administration, the Vatican, and virtually every “pro-life” organization that exists are to be believed when they equate abortion with murder, then every one of them is committing mass murder–by their own reasoning–when they deny funding for sex education and contraception. By denying people sex education and contraception, they are increasing the number of abortions. Thus, they are contributing to mass murder, it would seem. 

Of course, those who do not subscribe to these extreme notions of “life” and the protections that it requires do not see a crime for which these “perpetrators” should be punished. Curiosity does drive me to ask, however, what punishment these groups prescribe for contributing to mass murder. 🙂 After all, many American pro-life groups equate the number of abortions to the Holocaust, and, if this Lancet study is to be believed, these “pro-life” groups are now faced with the reality that they are complicit in this embryo “holocaust”.

Then again, denial and double standards are the hallmarks of extremism. 

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