Wish there were an American Twit of the Year Contest?

YouTube – Monty Python Upperclass Twit of the Year

Nearly forty years after the Monty Python crew did this absolutely brilliant skit lambasting the British upper class, Americans are still left wanting for a similar work of satire that depicts the American elite in the appropriate light. After all, an elite that has managed to squander in less than a generation the dreams of the founding fathers, the promise of the most ambitious and most diverse populace ever gathered under one flag, and the spoils of wars won by blood spilled by countless soldiers in lands near and far has earned the right to be so thoroughly upbraided.

In as much, if any country’s upper class is exclusively occupied by twits, it has to be the United States of America. It is profoundly distressing and disappointing that no mainstream American comedy troupe (not even Saturday Night Live) has yet managed anything this scathing, this relevant and this funny. Nobody in the US can do proper satire anymore, it seems.

Except maybe for Harry Shearer.

Bank executives are being grilled by Congress today. It would be far more preferable to gather them at the National Mall for a twit of the year contest and fire the starter’s gun. After all, the only thing that seems to distinguish banking executives from the twits in this Monty Python sketch is plastic surgery.

Scroll down to register your vote. Take note that the tied down rabbit portion nearly anticipates Dick Cheney’s hunting episode.

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