Rex Tillerson, R.I.P.

Rex Tillerson built Exxon into the most valuable company on earth until it was eclipsed by Steve Jobs and Apple. Tillerson built Exxon into the most capable oil exploration and extraction outfit in the world; so capable that Putin had to grovel with you to extract Russia’s oil. You rescued Exxon from the laughing stock of the Exxon Valdez and burnished it into the most heralded name in the history of the oil industry.

You brought the negotiating skills you acquired in the process of signing colossal deals with the world’s biggest corporations, governments and despots to serving your country. You deserve so much more than a petty tweet from a man who can not grasp what you have accomplished. Though I cannot solute you for the lies you propagated about global warming for a brief part of your Exxon tenure, I salute you for your amazing business prowess and apologize to you on behalf of this rude regime. I remind you, sir, that this regime in no way represents the people of the USA, as abundantly manifested by the POTUS’s massive popular vote deficit.

A legendary career felled by a nitwit’s tweet. How incredibly sad. I’m not so sure you would have fared better were you a coal executive.

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