On Arming Crazy People

Motives of Gilroy Shooter Remain Unknown

After an unfathomably huge number of mass shootings over the last twenty years, it is astonishing that people still care about the motives of the perpetrators. Why would any unusual pain or suffering, contact with extremists or self radicalization have any bearing on the subject? Nothing justifies such acts, and the simple fact remains that we have liberal gun law statutes that enable people who cannot grasp the fact that mass murder is unjustifiable to arm themselves to the hilt. Whether a mass murderer is a sane or an insane person is immaterial. The problem is that nothing prevents people with evil intentions from carrying them out to maximum effect by arming themselves.

There is no reason to believe that Europeans are more moral, saner or smarter than Americans. In fact, the opposite may be demonstrably true. Nevertheless, it is quite obvious that they do not suffer from mass shootings as Americans do because their crazy and evil citizens lack the perversely liberal access to firearms that their American counterparts “enjoy”.

Can newspapers stop heaping on the insult (of the motive) after each injury (of the mass shooting)?

Investigators said they had retraced Legan’s final day with video footage and a thorough search of the creek area. But they are still struggling to understand what motivated the 19-year-old Gilroy native to open fire Sunday… – from above linked article

Who cares?

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