New Computers are Hard to Justify

With many thanks to the Samsung solid state drive (SSD) that I installed in my 11-year-old MacBook Pro and the group of programmers led by DosDude1 who allowed me to install and run all the latest MacOS operating systems (currently High Sierra or 10.14.6) on this officially unsupported computer, I have managed to keep the purchase of a new MacBook Pro at bay for five years now. As much as a new computer would be nice to have, not having to spend nearly $3000 on the same model MacBook Pro in its new guise is awfully comforting.

My nearly 11-year-old MacBook Pro runs high Sierra with the aid of the patches distributed by DosDude1.

The list of helpers has other occupants. The Apple TV 4K relieves my ancient laptop of the strain of playing back 4K content, a task this laptop’s ancient nVidia graphics card cannot handle anyway. The support of 80211.n in this old MacBook Pro (a cutting edge feature in 2008), also makes accessing the internet a cinch. As the graphic below shows, this geriatric piece of technology still squeezes one quarter of the 450 Mbits/s that my Spectrum connection delivers.

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