Military’s Darkest Hour in Iraq?

In Haditha, Memories of a Massacre

On November 19, 2005, US troops responded to an improvised explosive device (IED) that claimed one marine’s life by slaughtering 19 people near the explosion in cold blood. The events are no longer a matter of dispute. The investigation now seeks to find the guilty parties.

Assuredly, the incident will be dismissed as an anomaly, just as Abu Ghraib was. Assuredly, assurances will be given that justice will be served in the end. Perhaps, the price tag of $1500 to $2500 that the US military has paid as compensation for each life that it took may even be raised to some amount greater $5000 per life.

But assuredly, the dark cloud that hovers over this conflict will only get darker. Is this the purpose we envisioned for our best trained soldiers? Why is this question considered an act of heresy?

Why is it that in Iraq and elsewhere, the British soldiers and the Australian soldiers can effect much greater change without firing any bullets? See what Australian troops did in East Timor recently.

Are Americans out for blood or for peace? If it is for blood, then the terrorist won, assuredly.

General Motors Formally Quits the Automaking Business

It is true. GM no longer cares to compete with other automakers. Instead of investing in research and development to make better cars, GM has elected to continue to bribe people to buy GM cars, cars that they would not otherwise buy. It is a sad confession for the erstwhile automotive giant to make, but apparently, the company could no longer deny what has been painfully obvious to the public at large: GM cars suck ass. What other message can the offer of free gasoline for a year convey?

GM cars are not fuel efficient, they lag in reliability and features, and the are built upon decades old chassis, engines and technologies. Offering outright cash to customers had run its course and dangerously thinned GM’s profit margins. These cash bonuses were a gamble aimed at reversing the loss of market share that GM has been experiencing, and they failed: GM lost and continues to lose market share.1

There must be a million GM shareholders who must be lamenting the fact that the company into which they had placed their money (and faith) had elected to continue a program of ineffective bribery instead of building more marketable automobiles.

The management of GM were once captains of industry. Now, they are not even greenhorns of accounting. Good night, and good luck.


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George W Bush Wants to Kill Americans and Waste Money

It’s no joke. According to Chemical and Engineering news, a draft report by the White House claims that EPA air pollution regulations have generated between $94 billion and $449 billion in economic benefits. The economic cost of the regulations was between $44 and $47 billion annually. So, it’s a break even affair.

One rule, however, is truly profitable. The one that limits emissions by coal fired plants in 28 states and D.C. costs $1.8 billion and has benefits of over $50 billion annually.

So, is it any wonder that so many states are suing the Bush EPA for wanting to relax these rules?
Chemical & Engineering News