Rock Star with Ball

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Floyd star switches concert venue

So, Roger Waters has the balls to play Israel, but is perhaps meek enough to be swayed by Palestinian claims of being “oppressed”. Technically, his music is banned in most of the Arab world, and the ruling Hamas party of the Palestinian territories officially considers British nationals like Waters enemies of Islam and Palestinians. Ergo, is Waters promoting peace by changing the venue for his concert to a place where Arabs and Israelis cohabit peacefully? After all, it is not the Palestinian inhabitants of this peaceful city that requested the change of venue. It was the party that wants Israel wiped out. Hmmmm….

It is clear that Waters is not trying to take sides in the matter, and his courage to play in Israel at all is admirable and commendable. (Madonna, the material and Cabalah girl has yet to announce any tour dates in Israel.) But, is Waters aware of the tangled web he weaves when he plays politics?

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