Trash Man Army Exhibit in Cologne (Köln), Germany

Some cities are cool. They just are. Cologne (Köln) is one of them. It seems as if there is always something cool happening there. There are the regular events, like the Karneval and the Christopher Street Day (gay pride event), but there are cool events like this massive art exhibit at one of the open spaces by the magnificent cathedral in Cologne.

Click here for a gallery of pretty nifty photos.

The exhibit consists of over 1000 statues standing in perfect formation. They are all painstakingly made out of trash. Some entirely out of Coke cans, others from waste computer parts, and others from waste cannisters of food and household improvement products. The sheer size of the installation and the level details were striking. The location next to one of the most magnificent structures on continental Europe was breathtaking. For what it means, read this article about the exhibit and the artist, HA Schult.

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