The Ultimate Angelides Ad

Epilogue: Angelides never went on the offensive against Ahhnold, and lost handily. Given Angelides’ total lack of backbone, I was all too happy to vote for the Green Party’s Candidate, Peter Camejo. I proudly counted as part of the 2.3% of disenchanted Californians who voted for the only rational candidate on the ballot, according the official election results. One wonders how much traffic, how many potholes, how much air pollution, how little public education and how expensive of a public university system people will tolerate before they vote for somebody who is dedicated to making California livable again.

09.28.2006 – Study highlights UC as tech-transfer powerhouse

It is utterly perplexing that Phil Angelides is losing his campaign to the embodiment of the stereotypical vapid politician. The Governator is also incompetent to boot. I hope the Angelides campaign uses this idea for their final campaign.

Read the above UC Berkeley byte about the Milken Institute report about technology transfer in California. The Milken Institute–hardly a “liberal” tank of any sort–concludes that the UC system is a an economic powerhouse, transferring much knowledge and expertise to the private sector in the form of technologies that have made California an economic powerhouse.

What does Arnold do with this economic engine that is the UC system? He cuts funding.

The Angelides campaign ought to take this report and juxtapose it against Arnold’s campaign ads claiming that Arnold intends to take Kahlifornia forward, and speak power to the truth. Is an economic policy that favors Indian casinos going forward? Does cutting funding to the academic institutions that gave birth to companies like Intel, Apple, Genentech, Amgen and countless others constitute any form of progress?

The Angelides campaign ought to make it very clear. The choice is between minimum wage jobs at Pechanga casino and high-tech jobs at Intel, Apple, Pixar, Genentech, and so on. Angelides ought to hit this point hard. Arnold is eroding the institutions that made California a powerhouse. Arnold does not deserve another chance.

The Ultimate Angelides Ad

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