Yet Another Death in New York

Stoppard epic breaks records with seven Tony awards | Theatre story | Guardian Unlimited Arts

This is a somewhat dated story, but it’s difficult to keep up with all of the bad news for New York City. This story played out at the Tony Awards ceremony two weeks ago, and the opening paragraph in the Guardian story says it all.

Tom Stoppard’s epic trilogy Coast of Utopia last night set a new record at the Tony Awards, rounding off an exceptional Broadway season in which British imports have continued to dominate.

And, there you have it. The assault on the cultural life of New York City is now complete. It began with the evisceration, mostly under Giuliani, of the underground culture that had supplied blood to every other endeavor. And, now it has culminated in the slumping of broadway. The Producers may have been a smashing success, but it seems as if it is the British exports that are garnering all of the praise and all of the cash the past few years.

Perhaps New Yorkers are beginning to feel like Angelenos: if it weren’t for imported culture, there would be no culture at all. This may very well explain why they have been moving to LA in droves.

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