What the Bleep? What the F**k??!!??

Lord have mercy. Tonight, after three weeks of procrastinating, I finally decided to put off my nightly slate of work to watch What the Bleep Do We Know?, and I desire fervently to let the entire world (or the few people who ever read this blog) know that this is perhaps the shittiest movie of all time. It is so bad that I could not tolerate more than 10 minutes of it.

The movie seems to want to make a connection between human consciousness and spirituality to quantum theory. This is an impossible task to anyone who has a shred of understanding regarding either endeavor. Hence, the movie begins with a pretty stupid premise.

But, the directors insist in digging themselves in deeper. They use a lot of “experts” who are nameless and, in all likelihood, completely unknown. What these experts say has no relationship or bearing to anything else in the movie. They are a bunch of people who are far to happy to listen to their own horseshit, and giddy like little babies because somebody has shown up with a camera to record their horseshit.

So, they keep talking, and the directors put poor Marlee Matlin, a fine actress, through the most dreadfully boring and meaningless of plots, and then they attempt to tie the plot to the horseshit that their “experts” are dispensing.

A greater disaster could not have been humanly conceived. One would hope that it would be obvious to anyone watching this movie that the only people who don’t have a bleepin’ clue are the directors of this movie, but one is soon shocked to learn that there is an entire cottage industry–practically a cult–that has grown around this failure of human imagination. Their web site is here. They even have a newsletter!

Heaven help us.

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