The 4 Branches of Government

Cheney claims a non-executive privilege – Los Angeles Times

The United States Constitution is a remarkably multi-faceted document. Scholars have studied it for centuries, and they continue to find surprises therein. Read the above Los Angeles Times article to find the latest revelation of the Constitution.

This revelation was discovered by the staff of Dick Cheney, and it states that Dick Cheney is a heretofore forgotten fourth branch of government. A branch that is part of both the Executive and Legislative branches defined in the Constitution, but beholden to neither. This Cheney branch of government is free to dominate the CIA and to doctor its intelligence findings and to award unlimited contracts to Halliburton. This latter provision was, of course, a personal request from George Washington for the wonderful job Halliburton did delivering his wooden teeth on time and under budget.

At least, the Cheney branch would argue that such quid pro quo is perfectly legitimate.

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