German Breasts, Polish Balls

BBC NEWS | Europe | Anger over Polish breast montage

Polish P\politicians suckling at Merkel's breasts.The Poles have certainly demonstrated little brains by comparing the current German government with the Nazi regime. And, whether insulting Germany is a demonstration of balls is an open question.

Perhaps this is what earned them the subordinate position in this magazine cover. This cover image is most distasteful, but it is strange that the Germans seem to be angrier than the Poles. After all, the cover is depicting the Polish leaders–and by extension, the Poles themselves–as subordinate to the German step mother.

It is silly to express surprise at the fact that Germany, France and the UK are leveraging their full economic might in the drafting of the EU founding documents. It is sillier to think that insulting the Germans will win the Poles any additional bargaining power.

World War II may never end.

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