Brooklyn Cheese

I have no inkling as to why Brooklyn cheese is in any form a desirable variety of cheese, but this pizza delivery outfit that services Beverly Hills felt it was necessary to boast about its use of “Brooklyn Cheese” on it’s New York style thin pizzas.

It is a sign, indeed, that one is living in the primordial soup. WhereFlyer from local Pizza delivery restaurant in Beverly Hills else would those who have boasted about the California style brick oven pizza express any desire for a style of pizza that is outdated and, in this instance, clearly artificial. As expected, the people in a state where the dairy industry has spent billions advertising California cheese are craving more and more cheese from places that are known for cheese: Spain, France, the Netherlands. Yet, there are so many who crave a cheese with no pedigree, no reputation and no real existence. And, they descend upon Los Angeles–the primordial soup that accommodates them–in droves.

Stay tuned for kosher pork.

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