More Great News for AAPL

VMWare, the operating system virtualization powerhouse has just released Fusion, their virtualization machine for OS X. To my mind, this is huge news for Apple, Inc., because this means that Apple is gaining market share rapidly.

It also means that the suspicions of many that Apple has been gaining market share from the Unix/Linux segment of the market is also true. VMWare is clearly betting that OS X will be the dominant Unix flavor in a very short time. VMWare’s entry into the OS X market also means that they fully expect Apple to gain market share from the Windows segment of the market as well, and VMWare is all too happy to make quite a few bucks in this process.

The list of features in Fusion is impressive. Seamless integration with existing Boot Camp Windows installations, full Directx support for games, full USB device support, full networking, and seamless integration of Windows into OS X. It’s almost as if they figured out how to do what neither Windows nor Apple could do: tame Windows!

If you are holding AAPL, as I am, hold on a while longer. The next few months are going to be very interesting. In fact, Apple’s announcement of new iMacs tomorrow (August 7, 2007) promises to be very interesting.

I’m not the only one who thinks this is big. Check this out.

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