A Hopeless Cause?

Presidential Approval Ratings Since 2001

W approval ratings since 2001
If politics is a popularity game, then this graph paints a rather hopeless picture for the future of warmongers.

And a hopeful one for humanity.

3 Replies to “A Hopeless Cause?”

  1. well, the ‘left to live’ would be tad much wouldn’t it? After all, it would be nicer to see him slip into obscurity and then be able to remind him occasionally “dude! Aren’t you, like, the guy who was the worst president of the USA ever?”

  2. Yes, indeed. Legally, the lifetime can be no longer than 8 years, but, yes, you are right that one ought to attempt a fit anyway. The effects of W’s actions are guaranteed to linger long past January 21, 2009.

    Now, if only these lifetimes reflected not just the time when his popularity would be zero, but that the number of days he has left to live.

  3. Cool! it looks like TCSPC graph, a lifetime measurement, although this is a multicomponent decay. Maybe you should analyze it and see what lifetimes he gets, it might be interesting.


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