Jesus Did not Suffer for This

Christianity’s image taking a turn for the worse | Los Angeles Times

Over the decades, the question of whether rock and roll bands belong in a place of worship has befuddled many a religious or spiritual mind in this country. It comes as a shocking surprise to learn that even the believers–especially the “Christian” believers–are beginning to resent and even regret the transformation of religion to pop culture to which they have dedicated themselves. It seems as if the relegation of profound religious sacraments to inane 4/4 time rock medleys is making people sick of their own religion just as they tire of ephemeral pop songs. The political power plays of churches are starting to be perceived as corruption of religion rather than elevation of government. And relentless, uncompromising proselytizing is beginning to be perceived as a rude expression of insecurity rather than a noble act born of strength.

It would be ever so nice if the profound wisdom of the Founding Fathers of the United States–the wisdom with which they codified the separation of church and state–were to reassert itself again in the minds of the populace. The rediscovery of a principle so manifestly true by a people so thoroughly removed from the pragmatism that made the country successful will be testimony to the wisdom of the founders and hope for the population. Alas, one can not have either one or the other.

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