Why We Fight

Why We Fight | A Film By Eugene Jarecki 


Many theories exist regarding the cadre or cabal of people who rule the USA. Why We Fight makes no attempt to make any controversial arguments regarding conspiracies to rule the world, but it does make a very convincing case for why the incredible influence of the military-industrial complex is unhealthy for the nation. 


It also shows what a remarkably prudent, prescient and wise President Dwight Eisenhower was. His predictions regarding the excesses of the military-industrial complex have proven prophetic. Had he been a betting man, he would have become awfully wealthy. Of course, the nation owes a considerable debt of gratitude to Eisenhower for the calculated risks that he took as Supreme Allied Commander in World War II.


The most poignant aspects of the movie came across in the juxtaposition of neoconservatives like Bill Kirstol and Richard Perle against Eisnhower. Compared with Eisenhower, these men seem like naive strategists on the ultimate ego trip. 


Why We Fight is a strong reminder of what greatness is, it is a respectful tribute to the greatness that brought the USA to greatness, and it provides an apt warning about the dangerous combination of influence and pettiness that threatens to bring us down. This is a worthwhile documentary to watch.

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