Dog poetry: One of Letterman’s Greatest

YouTube | Dog poetry

David Letterman has produced countless timeless pieces of comedy in his illustrious career. This magnificent piece by one of his former dogs is no exception. It is, perhaps, even the greatest gem from the NBC years.

One wonders what happened to the happy years of American television? Although Letterman’s show is still funny and both Craig Ferguson and especially Conan O’Brien exercise sufficient artistic license to create truly funny moments and skits, the comedy landscape on broadcast television has become unbearably dreary and hackneyed. Saturday Night Live is hardly a show anymore. Aside from a smattering of political caricatures, the show consists of essentially nothing. Certainly, long gone are the days when networks cared to support a phenomenal show like Cheers long enough for it to become a hit.

Thank God for youtube.

YouTube | Dog poetry


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