Radical Conservative = Hippie?

BBC NEWS | UK | UK Politics | Cameron in ‘people power’ pledge

The unfettered redistribution of wealth in favor of the avaricious seems to have made bumbling fools of both American and British conservatives. Michael Steele routinely retracts any reasonable statement he might have made, and now David Cameron, the British conservative party leader, is pledging “people power” ahead of the British elections. The conservatives on the West side of the Atlantic are hell bent on defying any reasonable reform against horribly flawed and failed ideology, and those to the East of the Atlantic are proudly parroting 60s era hippie catch phrases.

Clearly, both “conservative” parties are content with inane media campaigns that they feel will buy them enough votes for power. Just as clearly, neither “conservative” is willing or able to provide a rational framework for governing and for solving national problems. Anglophone conservatives seem to have a preoccupation with political correctness rather than an obsession with ending a wealth redistribution scheme in which economically powerful entities leverage their full economic might to the detriment of the nation. Yet, somehow, they manage to convince themselves that an imaginary “liberalism” is the culprit.

Their reasons for believing that they should be taken seriously remain a mystery only to them.


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