The Visa Black Card: A Real Proposition After All

I always had much loftier goals for this blog, but it is difficult to resist talking about a ridiculous trend that seems to be growing.

I may have been among the vanguard of credit card holders possessed with a stellar credit rating who received invitations to receive the Visa Black Card. I wrote about it, thinking that it must have been a joke. But, today I encountered an advertisement for  the Black Card at Camerapedia, and I followed the link to the official Visa Black Card web site to discover that the Black Card seems, indeed, to be a very serious product that is being propagated with the most tasteless, basest marketing. The “TV Commercial” streamed on the site is nothing short of dreadful.

In as much, my earlier conclusion that this is a card for people with more dollars than neurons may have been correct after all. Who knows? Maybe without the Visa Black Card, people in this category would never even be able to identify each other.

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