iPhone 4S Rumors Validated

I finally received the 1000 bonus rollover minutes that AT&T had promised, and my suspicion was true.

The minutes arrived two days after the iPhone 4S was announced, along with its availability on both Sprint and Verizon. Of course, Sprint will be offering a completely unlimited plan for only $10 more than the severely limited plan that I have with AT&T. Were I a big talker or big downloader, I would dump AT&T for the unlimited plan at Sprint without hesitation. (This is something many are positively doing.) I will, however, stay with the evil cheapskates who like to grease government officials until my contract expires next year because my usage still falls well within the severe limits of the cheap plan that I have with AT&T, and, hey, $10 a month will support a much faster DSL connection at home.

Even if this particular post makes me especially popular around the world, the probability that people will call me enough to make a dent in the more than 2300 anytime talking minutes I now have is slim to none.


People will most likely pat me on the back via Facebook, email or text messaging. In the case of the former two scenarios, my 2 gigabyte cellular plan and my home wifi should suffice. In the latter case, however, I would quickly run against my 200 text limit. Once that happens, I would have to cancel text messaging altogether and resort to unlimited texting on my Google Voice number, or switch to Sprint.

I’m begging you people. Text me! I want some justification for the iPhone 4S. Any justification.

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