Rockers Continue to Annoy

It is unclear whether the members of Kiss are investors in this endeavor or merely offering an endorsement for cash, but Rock and Brews is the singularly most annoying and cruel endeavor that either man has ever undertaken. The restaurant is situated next to gate 53B at LAX, whence my flight to Boston departs. The 80s hair rock and heavy metal music that is being blasted from this restaurant is so damn annoying that I had to escape the waiting area at the gate in order to compose this angry complaint. The members of Kiss–Gene Simmons in particular–are famous for an expansive history of misogyny and exploitation that stands unrivaled (if one believes their stories). Why on earth they would elect to annoy the hell out of tens of thousands of passengers who depart from the six nearby gates daily is testimony to their persistent sadism. They could have started a music school or a charity or a rehab program. Instead, they elected to blast some of the shittiest music ever recorded into the ears of hapless, trapped travelers. The real tragedy is that the overpriced beer will line their pockets in the end. It is hard to like the masochists who patronize this establishment. This nightmare of an eatery is the last thing one wants to endure after passing through the ordeals of getting to LAX and passing security.

Kiss members shilling overpriced beer.

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