Another Historical Survey of Earth’s Atmosphere Rings Alarm Bells

The total lack of attention and imagination with which climate “skeptics”–contrarians, in truth–greet monumental scientific studies that repeatedly demonstrate that grave danger lies ahead must be remedied. The AIP (American Institute of Physics) provides a fairly comprehensive historical review of the discovery of the greenhouse effect, linked in the sidebar to the right. The findings of over a century and a half of scientific research continue to be corroborated by new advanced methods and by re-evaluation of the fossil record, such as the one reported in the article linked below.

Once again, the historical record unambiguously points to a catastrophe on the horizon. In this instance, the reevaluation of the Smithsonian’s fossil record shows that we are hurtling toward another geologic period without polar ice caps. A true skeptic would advocate contingency planning for a catastrophe that has a high probability of occurring, regardless of cause. Unfortunately, our world is impeded by contrarians whose lack of scientific literacy is coupled not with goodwill toward mankind but with short term political ambition. This outcome runs contrary to the political exigency of making long-term solutions for evolving problems. Whether the private sector can sufficiently insure itself against the predictions of global warming is an open question.

Historically, the only reason government exists is that the private sector lacks the resources and the discipline to insure itself against such large-scale catastrophes. Do we want to risk our existence to test the hypothesis that government is no longer needed?

Smithsonian’s revamped fossil hall prompts a look into Earth’s hot past

Source: A 500-million-year survey of Earth’s climate reveals dire warning for humanity | Science | AAAS

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