David Frum Redefines then Embodies the Self-Hating Jew

“Self-hating Jew” has been the epithet of choice for self-identifying “conservative” American Jews to hurl at any Jew who dares to mention or to defend human rights in Israeli occupied territories because, the perverse argument goes, these Jews care more about the minorities in these territories than the Israeli populace. This is, of course, the classic ad hominem attack instigated by those who have lost the argument based on principles, and the devoted support that the same “conservative” Jews throw behind some of the most racist politicians in the US is not, therefore, surprising. The pride with which David Frum displays it on the radio and the pages of The Atlantic is, however, novel. In his pathetic attempt to debunk the validity of the 14th Amendment clause that prohibits an insurrectionist from pursuing public office, Frum states:

What I’m worried about is, what if the 14th Amendment people win? Do you think the plurality of Americans who have voted for Donald Trump in an election that he would have won are going to say, oh, you know, you said the magic words. I guess we’re beaten. I guess we’ll go home.

This logic implies that Germans should have considered the feelings of Nazis if there was a legal way of preventing Hitler from running for office. Frum implies that Russians and Belarusians should consider the feelings of Putin and Lukashenko supporters and not apply laws that would prevent these tyrants from retaining the offices through which they murder their own people. In the case of Trump, of course, Frum is saying that the Constitutional remedy against a criminal who has inspired more antisemitism than any other American in at least six generations should be scuppered for the sake of the….feelings…sigh….of the plurality of Americans whose rights were routinely violated by Trump. Frum’s defense of an aspiring tyrant who wields antisemitism proudly proves Frum to be a self-hating Jew, one who cares as little about the US as he does about principles and Judaism. He’s a Canadian, after all, and the worst Canadian export ever.

NPR’s Daniel Estrin talks to Kim Wehle, constitutional law scholar at the University of Baltimore, and David Frum of The Atlantic, about whether the insurrection clause disqualifies Donald Trump.

Source: A clause in the Constitution may disqualify Trump from returning to the White House? : NPR

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