White House Forced to Acknowledge Global Warming, Again

Under Pressure, White House Issues Climate Change Report | NYTimes.com

What are we to make of grown men who are too frightened of the truth? Woe be upon a populace–indeed, a world–led by such men. 

The New York Times article above cites the Bush Administrations latest defeat in its efforts to stifle scientists. After many years of suppressing the findings of a panel on the effects of global warming, the Bush Administration finally released the findings of its scientific staff. This report can be found at www.climatescience.gov.

Alas, the release was not voluntary. The Administration was forced to honor its scientific staff by a court order that required the release of the report by the end of May. Otherwise, the report’s release would have been delayed until 2009, possibly until 2017 by a McCain White House. 

The cowardice of the Bush bunch is perhaps surpassed only by their incompetence in reasoning. Although their stupidity and ignorance in matters of science, philosophy and morality is enormous, their lack of courage in confronting facts repeatedly confirmed by every scientific advisory panel ever assembled is so staggering that it defies measurement, even description. Absent any evidence that  environmental regulation is deleterious to economic growth (Japan, Germany and the rest of the EU enjoy healthy growth under heavy regulation) and in the presence of abundant legal precedent and import, the Bushies still cannot muster the courage to do what’s right. They are so beholden to their political patrons and their ideological masters that they dare not contradict a single stroke of the agenda handed to them from the moneyed sources.

Certainly, with regards to environmental matters, White House foot-dragging has ample precedent.

More poignantly, what are we to make of a country that claims the pinnacle of humanity, that owns the greatest resources of any nation, that contains the greatest wealth on the planet, that boasts the most powerful military in the world, that wields the largest economy in the world, and yet cannot muster the courage to acknowledge the excesses of its being? 

Suffice it to say that the United States needs leaders worthy of its giant stature, desperately.


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