Higher Authority, Shmigher Authority

BBC NEWS | Americas | US faces kosher meat shortage

This story probably has nothing to do with Hebrew National, the company that insists that its hot dogs are better than other meat products because Kosher butchers “answer to a higher authority” than the USDA, but Hebrew National (well, ConAgra, the largest food processor on the planet) may suffer in the end because it has done so much to elevate the status of Kosher meats.

And, though it is undoubtedly true that Kosher vendors must answer to a higher authority when they process meat, this BBC story makes it quite obvious that these exceptionally moral meat processors choose to answer to that same Authority in their hiring practices. The Tora, it seems, has no proscriptions against hiring illegal aliens. And, so, they did. Is this the competitive advantage that big meat processors like Agriprocessor have been searching for all along?

The message is quite clear. Capitalism and religion make a lousy combination.

Or an excellent one, until the law catches up with you.


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