Do You Love William Shatner?

Apple widget that spits out random facts about William Shatner.
Apple widget that spits out random facts about William Shatner.

Apple’s widgets, a copy of the wonderful open source KDE information gathering applications, has spawned some very bizarre experiments in information gathering. (The KDE widget engine is now known as Yahoo! Widgets.) Now, DSG Design, a group of web designers, have created perhaps the most bizarre widget, Shatner Facts. For the price of the publicity (which is to say, free to the user), one can have all the trivia that one’s heart desires about William Shatner. This ought to be entertaining. After all, the facts about Shatner are themselves quite interesting. Who knew that he played a major character in Judgment at Nuremberg.

Yes, the man has certainly had a remarkable career, and whether he is doing commercials or playing the greatest sac of puss ever to practice law (Denny Crane on Boston Legal), he is certainly a better actor than he has ever been.

And now, whether you are romantically obsessed with Shatner, or morbidly curious about the man, there is a single resource that will satisfy your craving for Shatner facts: The Shatner Facts widget for Apple Macintosh OS X.

The hell with Obama. Shatner will save the world.


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