Trump is not a lawyer – Ruth Bader Ginsburg – BBC News

Source: Trump is not a lawyer – Ruth Bader Ginsburg – BBC News

The most important part of this interview with Ruth Bader Ginsburg is not the fact that Donald Trump neither is a lawyer nor has any grasp of the law. His numerous failed business ventures and the Federal consent decree against his rental empire amply testify to his legal and fiduciary incompetence.

The revelation in the interview is the fact that Trump presidency is built entirely on the demonization and harassment of the poor. This scapegoating of the poor manifests itself most strongly in the steps his administration has taken in curbing abortions. The consequence is clearly put by RBG:

“And the truth is that with all these restrictive laws, the only people who are being restricted are poor women.” …”They normally can’t pay a plane fare or the bus fare, they can’t afford to take days off of work to go.”

Trump’s virtue derives entirely from comparing himself with wretched immigrants from Central America and poor women. The immigrants he is placing in de facto concentration camps, and poor women are being forced into unwanted pregnancies that they cannot terminate  because his administration is denying them access to family planning.

The Trump vision of America is, consequently, one in which we are better than the wretched. The fact that this comparison drives our standard of living closer to that of the wretched rather than toward the standards of the privileged in our society seems to have been lost on most. The Trump administration’s singular accomplishment is, therefore, further immiserating the miserable, a task that denigrates us all.

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