Bush & Republican Ineffectiveness, Uselessness

CIA, intel director locked in spy turf battle – Yahoo! News

Ah, yes, isn’t it nice to know that nearly six years after the 911 commission called for the major intelligence agencies to share relevant information more freely in order to facilitate the process of foiling terrorist attacks the major intelligence agencies have not changed one bit. All of which confirms that the creation of the Department of Homeland Security was nothing but a red herring designed to draw attention away from the incompetent politicians (nearly all Republican) who failed to stop the 9/11 terrorist attacks from happening.

The typical Republican attack on anyone who is not Republican is “tax and spend liberal”. It is quite clear that the only thing that distinguishes Republicans from anyone else is that Republicans like to tax the nation and squander the money on endeavors that fail. The war in Iraq has been an instance of highway robbery conducted by war profiteers without any net benefit to American prestige or American safety. The missile defense system has been branded as useless by the military brass itself. And, now, we learn that the establishment of an entirely new beaurocracy, the Department of Homeland Security, has had no effect on the most fundamental issue that caused the 9/11 tragedy: inadequate sharing of intelligence. In fact, if the article above is reliable, then the intelligence sharing agency created by Bush is hindering the sharing of information.

And these guys say that a national healthcare system would be a waste of money.  What gall!


First in Capitalism, Last in Broadband

BBC NEWS | Technology | Broadband World: Mapping the global picture

Extolling the virtues of a “pure and unadulterated capitalism” has always been in vogue in the United States, and it has never changed the fact the country is lagging in many critical measures of quality of life, chief among them life expectancy and infant mortality.

Now we can add broadband speed to the list, though broadband speed is hardly a measure of quality of life. It is a damn nice measure of excess, that one characteristic for which the USA is best known.

It’s nice to know to know that monopoly power is still worshipped in the United States  for the excess power and wealth it concentrates in the hands of the few. Who cares that monopoly power never delivers better service at a lower price, innovation (Microsoft still doesn’t get the iPod), improvements in infrastructure, or a functioning marketplace?


Eat a Seal’s Heart to Protest Europe

Canada’s governor general eats seal heart – Yahoo! News

Apparently bothered by the European Union’s ban on the import and sale of all seal products from Canada, Canada’s Governor General elected to gut a seal puppy, tear its heart out and swallow the heart as a form of protest.

Asked later if her actions were a message to the EU, she said: “Take from it what you will.”

In a related story, Rush Limbaugh tracked down a donkey, killed it, gutted it, and ate its heart.

He subsequently ate the animal whole, from hoof to pointy ears.

Asked later if his actions were a message to the Democratic party and his faithful followers in the Republican party, Limbaugh said “No. I just like to eat ass.”


Radical Conservative = Hippie?

BBC NEWS | UK | UK Politics | Cameron in ‘people power’ pledge

The unfettered redistribution of wealth in favor of the avaricious seems to have made bumbling fools of both American and British conservatives. Michael Steele routinely retracts any reasonable statement he might have made, and now David Cameron, the British conservative party leader, is pledging “people power” ahead of the British elections. The conservatives on the West side of the Atlantic are hell bent on defying any reasonable reform against horribly flawed and failed ideology, and those to the East of the Atlantic are proudly parroting 60s era hippie catch phrases.

Clearly, both “conservative” parties are content with inane media campaigns that they feel will buy them enough votes for power. Just as clearly, neither “conservative” is willing or able to provide a rational framework for governing and for solving national problems. Anglophone conservatives seem to have a preoccupation with political correctness rather than an obsession with ending a wealth redistribution scheme in which economically powerful entities leverage their full economic might to the detriment of the nation. Yet, somehow, they manage to convince themselves that an imaginary “liberalism” is the culprit.

Their reasons for believing that they should be taken seriously remain a mystery only to them.


Fear of Truth

Congressional computers continue to be used to vandalize Wikipedia – Wikinews, the free news source.

It is entirely not surprising that the Congressional IP addresses belonging to those who “vandalize” Wikipedia and Wikinews belong disproportionately to Republicans. The Republicans are surpassed in their opposition to reality only by the red Chinese and the communist Cubans. Even Hugo Chavez has greater tolerance of the truth. (Which is not to say that he is tolerant of the truth.)

As if propaganda outlets like CNN, Fox “News”, network news, Rush Limbaugh and his coterie of “conservative pundits” weren’t enough, Republicans seem to feel the need to tamper with an open medium that meticulously documents the source of every minute datum entered into it.

Whether the motivation for these attempts at averting truth arises from fear or malice, the scenario bodes ill for the party of Lincoln.


Spray On, Wax Off

BBC NEWS | Health | Spray for ‘six times longer’ sex.

Among the side effects making the list of “serious” side effects of the various erectile disorder medications like Cialis and Viagra is priapism, defined by the Merriam-Webster online dictionary as “an abnormal often painful persistent erection of the penis”.

It should come as very good news, then, that one no longer need to take these ED medication strictly to achieve the side effect. A new spray turns the trick, as it were.

Sure, it’s designed to make guys who last 15 seconds last two minutes, but you can almost here the college sex spray parties getting planned in Florida and Texas for next year’s spring break.