Privacy for the Nazi, errrr…Aryan

BBC NEWS | UK | Papers rue Max Mosley judgement

It is absolutely impossible to quibble with the entirely just verdict handed down in the Mosley case. It is indisputable that the scion of British fascism is entitled to privacy, and it is true that the tabloids went too far in order to expose Mr. Mosley’s depravities. The judge was entirely correct that the crux of the matter was not whether Aryan supremacist overtones are better than Nazi overtones. The crux of the matter is that is that even billionaire fascist white supremacists have a right to privacy in a civilized world. We can only hope that such sage verdicts serve to prevent the fascists who would deny others such rights from ascent to power.

As for Mrs. Mosley, let us hope that this verdict will provide her with some consolation for the embarrassment that she has had to endure during this ordeal. After all, her husband has been an absolutely ideal partner for the past forty odd years, and this is undoubtedly the first incidence of infidelity and the first public humiliation that she has had to endure. May the Lord provide solace for her soul. It is so clear that her husband loves her.

As for Formula One racing, why would anyone care what the CEO does? There is little evidence that such matters ever entered the minds of the beer guzzling masses who show up to watch the races. In fact, it may even increase attendance by increasing white supremacist fan base. These revelations should have no effect on the “normal” fan base. Where else can they get their fix? 


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